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My name is Riaz I founded Abba's locksmith in 2010. I graduated from John J. College of Criminal Justice in 2004 and decided to take up locksmith work instead of law school. While in College I worked for a locksmith dispatch company as a dispatcher manager for four years.  while working for that company I apprenticed under four different locksmith. I learned different skills from each one of them.  One of them Steve Mullen taught me commercial locksmith work, Oscar Moreno taught me auto locksmith work, Demo Eliades taught me residential locksmith work and finally Donald Malay taught me safe work. In 2006 after recieving my locksmith license I decided to stop working in the office and started working on the road as a locksmith. I would sub contracted for Jstein Locksmith, Joseph locksmith, Around the clock locksmith, Abco locksmith and All state locksmith. After a year doing sub contracting I wanted something consistent so I took up a full time work for Abco locksmith in Forest Hills Queens. I worked for Abco locksmith for 9 years and in 2015 started out on my own with a locksmith store in Woodside Queens.

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